Limit Spotify Cache Size On Windows 10 And Save Disk Space

If you are losing space on your C: drive and you don’t know why, it might be your Spotify cache slowly eating up your free space. It might take quite a few GBs even as much as 8GB+ of your storage space. Let’s learn how to limit Spotify cache size on your Windows 10 PC.

All you need is a text editor to edit/add a line of code/property to the prefs file and the location of the prefs file, that depends on what app you are using – Windows Store App or Regular Desktop app.

You can use Notepad, Notepad++ or VS Code to edit the file

Windows Store App

The location of the prefs file:


Limit Spotify Cache Size

To limit the size, add:
storage.size=*desired amount of megabytes*

I chose to limit it to 1000MB so I add:

Limit Spotify Cache Size

Now just save it or press Ctrl+S, reopen your Spotify and your cache size will shrink to closely match the one you have entered.

Now it will always limit the cache size automatically.

Regular Desktop App

Same as the above, but the location for prefs is now in:


So this is how to limit Spotify cache size on Windows 10 PC.